Edwin Bradford Henderson, J.D., Esquire



In today’s legal world, it is important that one finds the right attorney for the right job. A common misconception of attorneys that often leads to a client spending more money than their case requires, is that the attorney who charges the most by the hour must be the best. While an attorney’s wealth might spell “success” to a potential client, it also could just be an indicator that the attorney is overcharging.

My goal as an attorney is to always give priority to what is in my client’s best interest, and to remain ethical when determining the prices for my services. Whether giving mere legal advice, or fully representing a person in filing/defending a claim, I will always diligently research and assert all available legal options in order to achieve my client’s goals as cost effectively as possible.

Should I find that your case is too complex or could be better handled by another attorney with more experience in the subject matter, I will not hesitate to refer you to a more competent attorney. No matter the situation, you will receive the advice that is best for YOU. Lawyers owe a duty to their clients to serve the client’s best interest, and I take this duty very seriously. Everyone deserves their day in court, and I don’t feel that day should cost an “arm and a leg.”

If you feel that you may have a legal claim or issue, feel free to email me at Lawyer@edWINyourcase.com. You will receive a response giving you further information as to whether or not I am licensed to handle your dispute, and whether or not I may even form an attorney-client relationship with you. Should I feel confident that I can provide assistance in your legal matter, I will only then ask for payment and take steps to secure our attorney-client privlege which will keep confidential any further discussions.

***NOTICE: simply emailing or speaking to an attorney is not by itself enough to fulfill the agreement necessary to obtain the attorney-client privilege.



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